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"Maybe we are those children that are super naive about tunnelling, but still we might come up with solutions, that are actually not bad"

Benedikt Hartmann

"It's such a good experience to have like a practical project on the side next to your studies"

Katharina Prantl

The Hyperloop legacy

SpaceX´s Hyperloop competition created one of the most popular student initiatives at TUM. Now there is a new one, competing in another one of Elon Musks famous competitions - TUM Boring.

Listen to August and Alvaro give an introduction to student initiatives at TUM, as well as Benedikt Hartmann, co-founder of TUM Boring and Sub-Teamlead of the Cutterhead Department, and Katharina Prantl, a decisive actor at the Operations Leadteam for Sponsoring and Legal, describe challenges and motivation of the impressive team and how they handle the extra work additional to their studies.


Get additional information about TUM Boring or Student Initiatives at TUM

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