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Do you panic about climate change, Professor Hamacher?

How do German Angst towards Technology and wrong policies hold back Germany on its road to carbon neutrality until 2045? How realistic is nuclear fusion and what would realising it mean? What research is going on at TUM specifically in this area of how to slow down the climate crisis?


These and many more questions August and Alvaro discuss with Prof. Dr. Thomas Hamacher in this weeks episode of Campus after Hours. Professor Hamacher gives an insightful, fact-based look at renewable energies and the climate crisis in Germany and worldwide, taking into account philosophical, societal and economical standpoints.


If you are into Podcasts and want to know more about climate change, our Podcast recommendation for this week is Climaware.
Really check them out on their website or on your favourite Podcast App!

"Everything we have seen in renewable energies so far, was always a reallocation of money from the people with lower incomes to the people with higher incomes. […] Climate change is a global issue, only if the world solves it, it´s solved. If we solve it in a nice village in Bavaria, it doesn´t matter."

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hamacher

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