How students engage in raising sustainability and environmental awareness at TUM

36 min

Let´s discuss climate change from a social, economical and philosophical perspective

40 min

What obstacles and opportunities does President Hofmann of TUM see in the future and how he plans to conquer them

67 min

How IKOM brings together students and their future jobs in Munich's corporate jungle

38 min

Alvaro and August start Campus after hours 2021 with a chat about Politics and Tech

37 min

The Head of TUMs Chair for Immunology talks about how he thinks we can solve SARS-CoV-2

38 min

What's TUfast and how some TUM students can achieve greater downforce than an F1 car

31 min

For their 1. Montheversary Alvaro and August discuss what happened in November 2020

27 min

TUM Boring is not at all boring, so listen how they plan to beat MIT and ETH Zurich at Elon Musks latest competition

33 min

Don't know yet how you can profit from a year abroad? Let professionals and experience talk

42 min

The Head of the GSI at LMU gives a sharp insight into the US' 2020 elections

49 min

Welcome to Munich and to the very first episode of Campus after Hours

26 min

recently aired

"With Campus After Hours we set out to provide our listeners with an easy way of learning about the newest developments at TUM, LMU and the world in general.

By interviewing personalities from different backgrounds each week, we try to give sharp, scientific insights into what our Munich universities are actually up to in regards to research, student intiatives and startups"

What do we do?

"It's not all about Technology. It's about trusted Technology, it's about building responsibility and trust in society."

President TUM

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann

"People act like we know these things til a couple of years.

The real scientific break-through, that climate change is an issue, happened in the late 50s, early 60s."

Executive Director MSE, TUM

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hamacher

"Our main goal is to give students a possibility to engage with sustainability at TUM"

Umweltreferat TUM

Clemens Zengler

"The first step in any case is just to develop an awareness that everything you do or buy has some kind of downstream implications. There is nothing that doesn´t have an environmental impact somewhere"

Umweltreferat TUM

Jil Wendt

"You learn to take responsibility and this is something you cannot learn that way, just by studying and just being a normal student."

General Manager IKOM

Michaela Müller

"There are so many job offers out there. 

The idea of this career fair is to try to organize it all in one point and many students can really see what is out there."

General Manager IKOM

Nicolás Kravanja

"I have to emphasize:

This is historical here, how fast we developed a vaccine. And it´s there. [...] I am amazed how good they look."

Chair for Immunology TUM

Prof. Dr. Dirk Busch

"We are not a company meant to be as efficient as possible, we want to learn stuff and sometimes you do stuff just because it's cool"

Technical Director TUfast Racing

Michael Baumgartner

"We are building overcomplicated Go-Karts in a shed and we are racing them on parking lots."

Head of Vehicle Dynamics TUfast Racing

Kilian Eckert

"It's such a good experience to have like a practical project on the side next to your studies"

Sponsoring and Legal TUM Boring

Katharina Prantl

"Maybe we are those children that are super naive about doing tunneling, but still we might come up with solutions, that are actually not that bad."

Cofounder TUM Boring

Benedikt Hartmann

"Those intercultural experiences

you´re going to have, they will always be in your mind, they will follow you for the rest of your life"

Program Manager TUMExchange

Axel Gumann

"A second Trump term would mean, that if Europe wanted to make sure it could actually be effective internationally, it would have to drastically revamp its security and defence policy"

Head of GSI, LMU

Prof. Dr. Berthold Rittberger

The Guests

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For the very first episode of the summer semester 2021 August and Alvaro sit down with nobody less than TUM's President Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann and take an insightful look at life at TUM, federal and corporate support, how TUM plans to take on the future struggles of a University and it's plans to make Technology more societally impactful.

Also click here to get to President Hofmann‘s Interview abour his first year at TUM, the „year of Corona“.

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